Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lab 14 done. INE Vol 1 - 2nd pass.

Lab 14 - Back to Back VRFs - Let's say you have 2 different Service Providers you want to leverage in order to get reachability between 2 remote sites. One way the 2 service providers can still utilize MPLS is to create a peering point between 2 PE routers. Lab 14, goes into using 2 PE routers, 1 per provider, and establishing multiple interfaces for multiple VRF route exchange. So, after putting a sub-interface into a vrf, you'll have to ipv4 vrf bgp peer to the other providers PE. In this lab, the other thing to recognize is that the VRF stays consists/uniform as it traverses through both providers, same route-target and Route distinguishers are used. However, if you wanted to export and import different route targets, you should be able to do that as well.