Saturday, October 23, 2010

INE Vol 1 - Lab 22 MPLS TE - Dynamic PE to PE tunnels (3rd Pass)

In this lab, it states that you should enable mpls ip on the links but in reality you don't have to since RSVP will take care of the IGP labeling for the BGP next hop and VPNv4 BGP takes care of the Customer prefixes. I did this lab without enable ldp/tdp and it worked as expected.

Just as a review, there are 5 major steps.

Step 1: Enable MPLS traffic-eng tunnels globally
Step 2: Enable MPLS traffic-eng tunnels in the IGP
OSPF - mpls traffic-eng area 0 & mpls traffic-eng router l 0
ISIS - metric-style wide, mpls traffic-eng [level1 | level 2], mpls traffic-eng router l 0
Step 3: Enable MPLS traffic-eng on the interface as well as IP RSVP on the interface
Step 4: Create a tunnel interface and configure as an mpls traffic-eng tunn
Step 5: Ensure that the tunnel is taken for some/all traffic, autoroute announce, static routing, pbr, etc.